A Vacation We Will Not Forget

Airplane no problem.
At first he was nervous, but when the day came he was ready to go. We live in Chicago, IL and we flew to Orlando, FL to Disney World it was approximately a 2 hours 45 mins. flight. Everything went great. When we got to Orlando we ended up taking a Shuttle to our hotel. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone who is staying around Disney World, it's called the B Resort and Spa. They have great customer service and Staffing. Also they have shuttle buses that is included with your stay to take you to all the Disney Parks.                                                                                                                            I recommend that if you are going to Disney World for a long stay you should just get the food package. That is one thing I wished I had changed, because you end up spending more than what you would have spent buying the package. Also I got the 4 Day Park Hop Ticket Plus, which was amazing you got to go to all the parks for…

Planned Our First Vacation!!!!

It's been a long time since I posted a blog. Homeschooling, working, and being a mom is the first things I have to do in life. When life takes over sometime you have to let things go in order not to sink, lol. Anyways, these to me are going to be fun blogs. This month we took our first ever trip and guess where, Disney World. This trip was to celebrate my son's 8th birthday. We stayed for 8 days and 8 nights to celebrate every wonderful year of his life.

        This was his first ever time on a plane and my second (school related), but he was very excited and yet very nervous. But there are many ways to get him confortable with the thought of flying in an airplane. We watched movies, read books, and also just talked about it. Sometime just with a talk with your mom about you expectation on a plane can make you feel much better. I payed for the trip 3 months in advanced to give us time to get everything together. He was just so excited with the idea of Disney World an…

National Son's Day

Man, How did I miss National Son's Day. As everyone knows I love my lil guy with all my heart, from the first time I saw my first ultrasound. He is my ❤️, and I would do anything in my power to make him happy, and make his dreams come true. Yea, he's a little spoil rotten right now. But he's smart and very caring. I love you so much Lavar Alexander Stepter Jr. You are the best thing that happened to me, and your momma loves you so much and I will always be there for you.  As a parent everyone human I would think have there ups and downs, but the blessings that you've created, their always around to cheer you up. Kids are a blessing, for one thing they didn't ask to be here so they deserve the world and all the love and compassion a parent can give. It is up to us parents to create a good life for our children, the kind of life the don't have to recover from as an adults. We as a parent have to support our children, and tell them they can be whatever they want w…

6 years old and Styling

My son decided last Saturday that he wanted to pick out his own outfit and get ready by himself. No help at all. Which I was happy and very impressed. He even pick out his shoes and said he was going to wear two different colors. I didn't want to tell him no. I like that he expresses himself and for him to pick out what he wanted to wear, why not wear different color shoes. He did a wonderful job and looked so handsome on our day downtown as he walked cool down the streets of Chicago.

Life as a Mother, College Student, Homeschool Mom, Inspiring Artist, and Son as Brand Enthusiast.

Life as a Mom is awesome, my son is my world and I would do anything for him. It quite stressful at times doing so many things at once though. I want to be the kind of person that can say I enjoyed my life. As of now I can. I enjoy going to school, at this time I have classes twice a week and also have classes online twice a week too so that I can be at home to homeschool my son and take him on random trips.  I kind of picked up a hobby as a photographer, I absolutely love it. To capture every moment that will bring back memories of times. I am a inspiring artist, I love to paint and draw, sculpt, carve and create new things. My son recently told me he wants to travel the world, so I told him next moth we get our passport and we will spend a week in London. In which I will take tons of pictures to capture every fun moment.   As a homeschool mom I want my son to learn everything that a 6 year old can and want to. He is so bright and smart that it's so easy to teach him. He is very …

Social skills

Many people worry and wonder will my son build up his social skills, and how homeschooling will do so? That's a fair question, and to answer that he will have no problem building his communication skills. I for one hand would not do anything to harm my son's learning capabilities. I have look into many activities out of the house that he will be doing during the school year. Such as swimming, karate, little tutoring session so he will be around kid his age. In which I have already started with his swimming class and phonic class he's in now. In the homeschooling world there are a lot of mothers doing it and fathers, I'm not the first. It's all about supporting one another and a love for teaching your child.

First time homeschoolers.

This will be the first year of homeschooling my son Lavar. He is 6 years old, he graduated from a private school from kindergarten and places into  2nd grade. As which he learned everything from home anyways and homeschool to me is a better way.